soft shell egg and broddy hen ?

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    I dont know if I am putting this right area if not sorry dont yell at me

    So my buff orphington is 8 month oldish and we have got 3 shelled eggs from her the rest are droped at night from purch soft shell her food issues have been addressed she is just a defective chicken in the egg shell dept but we still lover her greatly and she gives more benifts then just eggs

    My ? every day she lays on my desk (she had made a nest out of my corshaede blaket) and goes through the motions of laying egg (excpt the laying the egg part) latly I have been giving her some fake eggs to lay on hoping she will go broody my thought is maybe after going broody and she starts to lay eggs again they may be normal. Has any one else expericed this is my thought prosses possible?
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  2. I'm not sure that making her go broody will make her shells softer, but giving her oyster shells straight up in a dish would work for the shells. Usually feed stores have them, and if you put them in a dish next to their food, she will get the oyster shells when she feels that she needs calcium. Soft shelled eggs are a sign that means she needs more calcium, so if you give them their egg shells or oyster shells that should do the trick! Hope that helps!!

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