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    I keep finding soft shell eggs in my coop i have 3 reds that are laying 3 regular eggs a day 2 marans one was laying then went half broody and stopped laying the other hasnt laid anything yet shes the youngest maran. How can i tell which hens laying the egg with no shell. Also its always laid in the sand bath under the roost never in a nest. Most all of them are busted I've only saved one that didnt get busted i found another this morning that was busted.
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    This may sound a bit strange, but probably the most effective method of identifying which hen laid which egg is by smearing or inserting food colouring into or onto the hens' vents. When they lay, the colouring will be deposited onto the eggs, so as long as you get the eggs, you'll be able to identify the layer.

    Here are some causes of soft shelled eggs:
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    I wouldn't eat them. It sounds like someone is laying at night from the roost. Could just be a glitch in the system, or a hen could be getting startled by something at night, like critters sniffing around, or rodents coming out, so have a good look around for signs and maybe set some traps. This time of year rats and mice are looking for winter housing.
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    How old are the birds?
    I will assume they are all young and have just started laying?

    Soft or thin shelled eggs are not unusual for new layers during the first month of laying.
    They are easily broken and fair game for eating.

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