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Mar 22, 2020
My goose is about 9 months old , she started laying eggs about a month ago. one every other days like clock work.. the difference was large goose egg then 4 or 5 small eggs. But now four days in a row she has laid shell less eggs . what to do?
New layers often do lay funky eggs at first, such as softshells, and most of the time the problem will resolve itself, but it's possible your bird is in need of some calcium, so you may consider getting her on a calcium supplement for a while. One easy one to find will be Calcium Gluconate, which you can find in liquid 23% form at your feed store. Draw 1ml out, and give her some over treats. If she is laying, a calcium source on the side which she can eat from as she needs like oyster shells would be good as well.
I feed her a calcium with her food a grains and egg layer product

Is she continuing to lay abnormal eggs? Also is she showing any signs of illness like sleeping a lot, coughing or sneezing, strange colored droppings? Could you list what she’s being fed including the nutritional information on the label or side of her food bag, you could take a picture of it too.

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