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    Have a Serama hen that lays a soft shell egg, quite offen, have oyster shell in front of her, anyways its what the feed store, called it. not the same stuff I was use to. ,
    what all can cause, soft shell eggs. also been feeding hen scratch and scraps.
    first post on info. she has also layed a egg the size of a marble, once.
    and do you need real oyster schell or pretened oyster schell.
    Thanks for any inpute, frist post on info..
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    Jul 5, 2009
    You posted this twice.
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    Quote:The stuff I use I buy at tractor supply store. Did not know a synthetic was available. You can also grind up the shells and feed them back to the chooks by sprinkling it on top of their feed or in oatmeal/boiled rice, etc. I sprinkle the crushed shells on top of their feed in the trough and they get it whether they want it or not. [​IMG]
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