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  1. Ducati

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Help..... I have two chickens, a white leghorn and RIR. The leghorn has always laid eggs with a decent hardness of shell.

    However, the RIR has alwayslaid eggs that had a really thin egg shell and cracked very easily.

    Well the last two days when we simply went to grab them they literally broke in our hand from that minor pressure of picking them up. Also today the shell, which normally is brown, looked like the hen ran out of brown paint at the end and looked speckled and lighter than normal.

    Is she OK? What do I need to do to increase her egg shell strength?
  2. fivelittlechicks

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    May 13, 2009
    New York
    Last September I got my chickens one roo and 4 hens. One hen had just began laying the week I got her and the other 3 hadnt laid yet but were about to. The very next morning our oldest hen had laid an egg and then 2 days later not sure who laid it but on the floor we found a very pliable egg, almost like it was wrapped in felt. You could actually shape it any way you wanted. It was very weird. So I spoke with multiple people that had more experience than I and they all said the same thing. **They need more calcium for egg production** So as recommended I went to purchase 'Oyster shells' to mix with their feed. And now I have to work to get their shells cracked! Good Luck!

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