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Jul 1, 2019
Last night while putting the girls away I noticed one of the had laid a very soft shelled egg right in the coop entrance. It was so soft it looked like a blob laying there and if one stepped on it, it just turned into mush.

I’m not sure which one laid it but out of my 6 hens, 5 are laying very beautiful, hard shelled eggs. Maybe one of them is sick or something? I’m new to chicken keeping so I’m not sure.

However I have noticed 1 hen that part of her comb is kind of droopy and the rest of the hens have normal combs. Any advice or information? Thank you!!


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How old are your chickens? Young pullets can lay all sorts of weird and strange eggs for a while, it's not too unusual. I agree, offer them oyster shell in a separate dish. They'll take what they need as they need it. :)
Also could you post some pictures of your flock, especially the one with the droopy comb? It's possible she could just be a breed with a big floppy comb. :)

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