Soft shells


5 Years
Aug 29, 2017
Brockville, ON
So I went to open the coop this morning and found 2 soft shelled eggs on the poop board. They were right under where the girls sleep so it must have happened through the night. They were so close together that it looked like they came from one girl. They are all 24 week old rsl and everyone has been laying every day for the last 2 weeks, and some longer. I do have one girl who has played a couple monster eggs (could be triple yolks) could it be her system levelling out? What could be happening?
Are you giving them enough calcium? Calcium hardens the shell.. you can give it with it already in the food or you can crush up their own egg shells to eat. I feed my girls crushed shells and they love it. Do not crush shells in front of the birds or they can start eating their own eggs.
I do give them their own shells, and I give oyster shell, and they love both. They have been laying nice hard shells, except for these 2 and 1 other that happened the first week they were laying. I am hoping that because they are still pretty new at this, that they are just working out the kinks.
I had this happen once only and it was an older bird. It has not happened again since, but my young birds always lay hard shelled eggs. Hopefully it does work itself out. Sounds like you are giving them what they so I hope its not the bird itself.

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