SOLD ~Assorted Bantam Hatching Eggs~ (Call Duck included)


Hatching and Showing
13 Years
Oct 10, 2007
Here is a great assortment for those who love sweet little Bantams, but cannot decide on which breed to get. This is the leftovers from my past set of orders, so I will offer it as an assortment.

The eggs that are included are:

1 Call Duck

3 BTW Japanese X Porcelain d'Uccle

2 Silver Spangled Hamburg

3 White Cochin

1 d'Uccle

3 Unknown (I forgot to mark the eggs gathered one time)

These all need to go as a set, but the Call Duck egg is optional since it was only added as a "bonus", and some people may not have a setup for Ducks

~$20~ total, with S&H included

You can see pictures of all the parent birds on my website -

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thanks so much!!! i will send paypal bright and early tomorrow if not later on tonight please pm me with the correct info thanks again so so much! and i do want the duck egg for sure.

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