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Mar 24, 2009
Cartersville, Georgia
Cabinet incubator for sale. Has 2 auto-turning trays and is designed to hold +/- 150 eggs. I think it more likely holds 120 (2 trays of 30 eggs each, top and bottom)

I currently have eggs in there, as can be seen in pix (all developing well BTW) so this unit would not be available to pick up or ship until the end of October.

I want to be TOTALLY honest about this 'bator. I paid $325 plus shipping to get it. I have tinkered with it as I found that depending on the temp setting, one "zone" or another could have a hot or cool spot. It is heated by a continuously running ceramic heating element and the heating of it cycles on/off per the thermostat. At the present time I have eggs developing in each of what I call the 4 zones (top back, bottom back, top front, bottom front) However, there is still a slightly "cooler" spot in the bottom front. Seems to hold an average temp of around 98-98.5F, however, eggs in that zone are developing now, but not sure of ultimate "hatch" until month end. SO, I feel confident about the other 3 zones and the temps, but not this bottom front area. My guess is that someone with more time (and patience) than myself could get this working perfectly. However, I did not want to mislead any of my fellow BYC'ers.

BUT, since I feel that only about 75% of the unit is operating as it should (thus holding only about 90 eggs) I have SLASHED the price by $125 (or out 38%) off from my original cost. Current eggs are only my second hatching from this unit. 'Bator is maybe 2 months old.

Unit is $200 plus shipping to your zip ($50 in shipping noted in auction is just an estimate for filling that blank in). It's a bit heavy (estimating 70lbs +/-) so pick up might be preferred.

I am getting a GQF Sportsman 1502 (hopefully as easy to use the 2 Genesis 1588s I had)



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WOW iM SUPRISED YOU SELLING BECAUSE i REMEBER YOU POSTING ABOUT HOW EXCITED YOU WERE ABOUT GETTING IT? YES? sorry caps lock was on-but do you just dont have the room or not what you expected??
I travel a lot in my job (national sales mgr) and DW doesnt have time to watch, adjust, add water, etc. as she is busy getting the boys to and fro. I need a LARGER version of my Genesis 1588s (kinda fix it and forget it), temps stay rock solid, add water occasionally and just move eggs to hatching tray. Plus, I am a bit of a neat freak (yes, they DO call me picky), and having 3 'bators and all the "stuff" was getting on my nerves (I HATE CLUTTER, but, a wife and 2 boys has softened me a little) So, I sold my 2 1588s, am selling this one and have ordered a Sportsman 1502. Probably should have one that to begin with!!! Lesson learned!
You will definitely love the 1502!! I've had mine since April, and hatched hundreds already!! I don't have the bucket, but adding water is simple. I will probably get the bucket for simplicity though.
I'm in TN and I've got to add water about every 2-3 days. Good luck with it! And I might give you a shout about some BR eggs.

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