SOLD-MA-Black/Lav bantam ameraucana-bantam barred rock roos


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Feb 25, 2009
Urban, MA
Hey guys I would like these birds gone by saturday or they will be meeting the executioner (my dad). Sorry for the bad photos (cell failure) they are a bit over 2 months in age.

I have 7 black ameraucanas 4 lavender and 3 barred rock roos. (all bantams) I would like $20 for all of them. I will deliver up to an hour from where I live (Chelmsford area) for free.

The black ameraucanas look great they have very nice feathering and poofy beards. The lavenders don't look as good for some reason. The barred rocks look great as well.

There is only one ameraucana that I'm pretty sure is a roo it is one of the lavenders he is the only one that I can see has a comb. The rest I cannot tell at all.

PM if you are interested!
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