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    Quote:But paper towels are ok? Nubby type paper towels, I've been told.
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    I will definantly keep everyone posted on how it all goes - and try to get some pics too.
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    i learnt the hard way that simply letting the day old chicks outside in a well ventilated aivery covered to protect from eliments, with their mother was the worst thing i could have done. i asume because the flock was right next door to mum and her babys, they pased somthing on to the little guys ane very very sick. they died after only a week of age. i thought i suffered but mumy hen was so destraught. i had to hold her constuntly to calme her down. she is looking for her babys constantly,,,but i have nothing to give her.
    here in the northern territory Australia bacterial disies is comon but i was not aware of how fragile the chicks amune system was. from now on i will leave any new chicks inside with their mum with ocational walks outside. im still kicking myself about this mishap.
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    The most common cause of Early Chick Mortality in cockatiels, based on my experience to date, is behavioral and usually occurs with young, inexperienced birds when they are faced with a large brood or too many chicks hatch simultaneously.



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    thank you that is so helpful
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    Thank you for the GREAT in a nutshell info piece. I hope this gets saved for all to easily access. Things I really need to know, I got chicks on the way ! Wolf
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    [​IMG] Good Information! Thanks...
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    Quote:I absolutely totally agree! Only on my second batch of babies and I'm an amateur, but common sense guided me with my first lot and the new babies, as it does with yourself, and I'm implementing the same methods with the new babies. I didn't stick to any rules with the first ones, but just made sure they were warm enough, with options of shelter and bedding if they wanted it, food and water, and in warm sunny weather I put them outside in their box with a mesh grille on top. This was from a week old. My aim was to get them accustomed to life as a free range chick and acclimatised to outdoor conditions as soon a possible. Namby-pambying them does no good and they'll end up with poor immunity and an inability to withstand adverse conditions.
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    early chick mortality? [​IMG]
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    WOW, thank you for all of that great information! Sure is alot to absorb! I will keep my radar out for anything out of the ordinary. I just love my new Americanas biddies. Can't wait to get my peafowls later. Hope I keep a happy medium for the 100% air in the brooder box with light.

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