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    Jul 27, 2013
    I have an older hen that stopped laying and went "broody". I got a dozen fertilized eggs from a friend and all is well after a couple weeks(candled them).They are in the coop(top nest) and I have been told I need to separate the hen and chicks from the other hens after they are born or the other hens will kill them. Will they fall from the nest if I don't move them lower? I have raised several groups from chicks but never with a hen.Thanks
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    yes there is a chance the other hens will kill them. I seldom have that problem. Usually the mother hens is very protective so none of other hens get close. and i would put them lower to the ground.
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    Yes, I would suggest lowering down the nesting box if the chick falls out it could get injured or get chilled.
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    The chicks need to be somewhere they can get in and out of the nest and get to food and water. Ground level is usually best.

    I don't remove my momma and babies from the flock. She'll raise them in the flock quite well, those other hens won't mess with the babies unless you're way overcrowded. Yes, the older hens will peck at the babies once in a while, and the baby will act like she's killing it, but it will just run back to momma and all will be well. It's part of learning to respect your elders. It's just one or two pecks, that's all. Having momma raise the chicks in the flock makes them better chicken flock members, and keeps you from having to introduce them to the flock later on.

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