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    I love BYC and am enjoying all of these different features. I've never participated in a forum before that has so many options and ways to interact with the website. So maybe I'm not understanding how things work just yet as a fairly new member.

    I'm not getting alerts for some of my content. It's possible I'm scanning the alerts too quickly, but it has now happened several times the last few weeks where I'll come across a comment I posted in a discussion and see likes and responses I never saw in my alerts.

    There's a comment I just found for a discussion I started. He didn't click the 'Respond' link; he just typed the comment directly into the comment box. Since I don't want to receive tons of alerts each time a new comment is posted in a thread I'm watching, I've disabled this feature. But it also disables it for comments in discussions I started myself. Those I always would like to receive alerts. This isn't an option, though?

    And just now I unwatched a discussion I don't participate in anymore. Not long after I unwatched it (and it still says I'm not watching this thread), I received an email notification of a new comment. The comment isn't in response to one of my previously posted comments and doesn't tag me. What's especially odd is that I turned off email notifications a week or two ago.

    I occasionally still receive email notifications.

    Can someone help me figure this out? Thank you!
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    We don't live in the PERFECT UNIVERSE..... :lau
    Since the Updated version of the website changed this Spring, they have been trying to get most of the bugs out. Many peeps never returned when things went back on track. Maybe the learning curve was not to their taste. :idunno
    In time all things will shake out.
    I have no present advice for you now. :)

    OH YES......... ADVICE.......... LUV YOUR CHICKENS.... :thumbsup
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    Not sure about alerts that you are missing, but for individual threads that you want to be different than your standard (the one that you want to receive emails for) you can click at the top of the individual thread and choose to receive email alerts, just for that thread. It won't change your main preference.
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