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  1. So I thought I'd update everyone on the crazy temps hatch I had going (the incubator spiked to almost 104 and I thought they had all died)...

    Well, I started off with 16 GLC eggs. I threw out 5 after nine days because they were not fertile.

    The other 11 I left in there and stopped turning on Thursday. On Friday night, I had a pip. Saturday morning, there were two babies in the 'bator when I woke up and by that afternoon, I had seven babies! One is spraddled and one was dead this morning, so I'm down to 5 healthy chicks. I'm going to try the band-aid or sponge thing tonight with the spraddled chick....

    So now I've got my 5 swap eggs in the 'bator, 9 blue muscovy eggs and my 7 sebbie eggs....whew! I moved them to the more reliable hovabator.

    Oh and I put an ad in the paper for my LG. Those "proceeds" will go towards my genesis, LOL

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