Some have hatched...others have not....What to do?????


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Apr 19, 2011
This was a kind of accidental brooding. I have a hen that tried to sit in February in Iowa and I promised her as I removed the eggs every day that she could sit in spring if she wanted. Well, there came a day 3 or so weeks ago when I noticed that she was attempting to sit again so I threw a few more eggs under her (for a total of 6) and wished her well. A couple days ago I heard some pipping from under her so I moved her to a private nursery with her eggs and again wished her well. She is sitting and hatched one chick on Monday evening and another on Wednesday sometime. She is still sitting on 4 eggs as of Thursday morning. She is in a private nursery of sorts with her own water and food also accessible to the chicks. My question is, how long can I let her sit hoping for another chick or two? Are the chicks getting anything to eat and drink when mama does? When do I need to pull the plug on the unhatched eggs? Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks!
It is getting a bit late now. But I've had hatches start Tuesday and end Friday. Check the remaining eggs for signs of live. If you hold it by your ear and tap it gently you should hear if there's a living chick in there.
The chicks will drink and eat when momma does. She'll show them how.

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