some more help please


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Aug 6, 2021
Hello again community can you help me determine the breed and gender of these? thank you


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thx so far; these were from a local TS in a mixed brooder. We also feel like the last two are silkeys and thought the others maybe d’uccle (really like the color pattern and couldn’t resist the feathered feet and great flyers so far). Any other thoughts or input I appreciate it, can re-post the silkeys (if that’s what they are) in a couple of weeks for assist with gender id
they are about 3 wks i believe (and if they are buff Brahma we are happy either way- glad to get what appeared to be one of each gender on these like I said the feathered feet was just too cool)
another reason why we feel these might be d’uccle vs brahma, these 2 are very slight whereas if i understand brahma are or get huge over 10lbs? cant see these 2 getting anywhere close to that

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