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    Nov 22, 2015
    I'm new to raising chickens. I got three which were born in late May. One, a red sex-link started laying on Oct. 3 and has laid an egg every day for 52 days. The others, a silver leghorn and an ameraucana have not laid a single egg. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get these other 2 to start producing?
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    Increase the length of their day. Chicks born late can mature too late in the fall for the natural light to cue them to lay. The decreasing day, signals hens to stop laying and molt, is at odds with the young pullets need to start. So the sex link witch develops faster may start, while slower developing breeds like the americuna may not start till the days start to increase. I'm going down the same path with seven cross pullets that hatched on June first. Two or three of them have started, but the rest may wait till after the new year.
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    So they're not quite 6 months. That isn't unusual this time of year as Den in Penn said.
    All other things being equal and their nutrition is good, the best thing you can do is to add light on a timer. Steadily increase the day length to 13 or 14 hours a day and those pullets will start within a week.
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    Don't feel bad, I got 5 from a friend with varying ages all mixed breeds. I know the 3 are at least 6 months but the wait seems eternal. 1 had started laying 2 weeks after we got them but the other 2 aren't ready and the last 2 are only 10w so to young.

    Personally I don't want to use a light at least not for now but artificially increasING thier light back to 14 hours a day might help them finish maturin on thier own. I have however taken to side with at least 1 of them may not produce till spring. I have 6 total with 2 laying and the youngest 2 should be 20 weeks the end of January. March is my full egg production date. I figure if I don't have 6 layers by March depending on who it is we will address issues then.

    Basicly unless you want to provide them some extra light you will be waiting one way or the other, even proving light won't make them start laying just might speed things up for them.

    Realistically if they were born late may they are all just now 6 months and though one started early the other 2 just might not be ready.

    I wish there was a way too just make them start,but then again that could cuase a while other issue with pullets laying too early
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