Some observations about Coturnix I crazy?


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Feb 24, 2010
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We had 2 hens from hatchlings until 3.5 months old. No roos. The hens were happy, snuggled together, were somewhat tame and jumped for worms and ate out of our hands. They did lay eggs.

Our friends had 2 males who have been together from hatching until 3.5 months old. They were also in the same cage, happy, somewhat tame and NO CROWING at all.

Last week, I took the 2 roos because my friend is moving. As soon as the roos and hens saw one another, behavior changed dramatically. The roos crowed for the first time and began to fight. The hens started pecking one another on the head and nose. They all had to be separated.

I wonder if quail don't "mature" if the same gender is together all the time, without any exposure to the other?

We are all a bit sorry we took in the boys (although 1 flew away). We miss our happy hens.
sounds like teen boys and girls at their first boy-girl party to me . They were probally mature all along they just had no chance to use their maturity/grown up ness
and like teens they are,nt good at it at first it takes practice LOL

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