Some of my Hens are loosing feathers! Please help, looks bad!

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  1. I don't have pictures but I'll describe it to you.
    For the last few months about 7 of my Leghorns and 1 Ameraucana are loosing their feathers. I thought is was molting but it's been about 3-4 months and one chicken's back is completely uncovered. The Ameraucana, Ella, is in the worst shape. You can see her wing bones and she looks awful skinny.
    Is this molting, or is it cannabolism or some type of mite? Please help!
  2. Pictures would help. Are they other wise normal in activities, such as eating and hen sounds?
  3. Yes. But Ella is abnormally shy. Normally she was large, fluffy and very docile. But now she kinda strays from the others and won't come for mealworms.
  4. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Gettin' kinda late.
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    That does seem a long time for molting. Do you have a rooster? Could it be that he is over-mating them? What kind of feed are you feeding? If it is too low in protein, they might be tearing feathers out to eat, to up their protein level, or perhaps a too low protein feed it is hindering their growing feathers back. How much coop space do they have? If they are stressed due to over-crowding, they will feather pick one another.
  6. I feed them healthy choice. I'll look at the label tomorrow since it's dark. Well its a 18 by 16 run and they are outside most of the time. in the Coop, there is at least 2 square feet per bird. Yes I have a rooster, but I never see him mating the females. He just follows them around.
  7. I will also have some pictures so maybe that will help.
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    That's not a whole lot of room per bird, ideally you want around 3-4 sqft per bird with adequate roost space as well. One rooster to a minimum of 9 birds is ideal also, any less and they get over loved on. There could be mites parasites also, try some sevin or something similar if you're into the eco stuff. Good luck! I'll be rootin' for yuh!
  9. Thank ya! And we are going to double the size of the coop anyways ;) Thanks yall. Will post pics tomorrow.
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