Some One Please Educate Me!!!! Baby Chick Newly Hatched with Red Stump

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  1. I had some eggs in the incubator that I thought were duds as everyone else hatched. I took them outside to open them to see what happened. The first one I *cracked* started peeping, so I ran in the house and put it back in the incubator. It hatched a short time later but it has a little red stump left on it's bum. So what is it. It looks very much like a baby's umbilical cord. I have the baby resting in the incubator still hoping that the stump will either dry up or be absorbed. Hopefully someone else has seen this and knows what it is and what should happen.
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    Sound like a small bit of the yolk sac remaining. Do you have a pic?
  3. I think that is what it was, I just left it in the incubator and it is only an itty bitty stub now. I will just keep it in there till I can't see it anymore. I felt so bad for the little bugger. I forgot to take pics, but it looked exactly like a baby's cord and it had a tiny piece still stuck to the egg, so the poor little baby was dragging around a piece of it's shell for a while until it dried and came off. [​IMG]

    It's a really cute chipmunk looking easter egger. It seems to be doing really well now. It's very active and peeping, then face plant sleeping, then up again......I think it's gonna be fine, just scared the pants off of me. [​IMG]
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    It should finish the absorption and then it's little belly will close up leaving a small belly button. That will no longer be visible after another day or 2.

    If this is the only one to hatch I would start looking for a feed store or someone close by that has new chicks as well. They don't like to be alone and will be very vocal about it.


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