Some photos I took yesterday after the rain. Juvies everywhere


Orpingtons Bama Style
12 Years
Nov 14, 2007
Freeranging in the evenings to stay cool. Group to the right another to the left. Lots in between but they are penned.

Thank you. It is our haven. WE stay on the backporch a lot. It is like a room for entertaining. The chickens are the side show along with all the birds in the yard such as the lovely Kingbird and the bluebirds.
Chickens on a green lawn are so pretty.

I can't believe how much ahead the corn is than ours!! Ours isn't even 1/2 the heighth!! I suppose in your neck of the woods tho it gets planted a lot earlier.
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The corn has been amazing. Like watching it grow overnite the last four weeks. Some neighbors on another road nearby are having a bumper crop of tomatoes. The largest they have ever grown. Amazing because we have had 46 inches of rain since April 1. That may be a record.
The little town nearby is famous for tomatoes. The ones they grow here are so tasty and big that one slice will cover a piece of bread.
It's a Southern Thang. Tomatoe sandwich made with mayo and tomatoes, fresh bread. Lots of black pepper

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