Some pics of the flock


12 Years
Feb 21, 2007
Grenada, MS
Just some new pics I have been taking of some of the birds.

Blue Andalusion chick, the only one left. Appears to be a girl though.

Buffy my buff rooster. I need a girlfriend for him now. Maybe one of my two younger buffs is a girl:

Young black girl:

One of two blue bantam orpington girls:

Bantam barred rock roo:

Frank the serama roo:

my son holding a young black pullet:

daughter holding one of my oldest silkie girls, she is so dirty and molting:

son holding my blue orpington roo, what a sweetie he is:

kids holding my two faverolle hens:

son holding second blue orpington pullet:

My cream colored serama pullet:

splash silkie (look at those feet)

here he/she is with my serama roo:

Faverolle roo:

My lonely muscovy duck:

And a dirty wet silkie hen who doesnt know how to get out of the rain, or the mud:

Hope you enjoy. You can go see my babies under the baby section.



11 Years
Jul 7, 2008
Corinth, NY
Very nice pictures, the kids are very cute and are looking like they love their feathered friends

I chickens look like they are liking the kids too!

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