Some pictures of the coop building process!


Mar 28, 2015
Southern Tier, NY
My DH and I built this coop for our 10 chickens. The coop itself is 12x4x4 with a 8x12 run. Still need to add some wire to the top of the coop!

First the framing

Next - painted with three coats of exterior paint and primer. The base for the enclosed coop is now in place.

Bought linoleum squares from Lowe's for $12 and love it for easy cleaning

Door now in place

Now I'm jumping ahead. We used plywood for the coop with three small vents, nesting doors and two large doors with vents in the back.

Now we have our corrugated metal roof up - probably will out last the coop!!
There is dirt on the end because my DH is growing hops. The chickens will be great for getting some bugs off when the plans get big enough.

Finally we added vinyl lattice to around the bottom of the coop for extra protection from our dogs.
The coop has sand on the bottom and I use pine flake shavings inside the coop.

This was their first day out.

And here are some pictures of my chickens!

My two fluff buts - white cochin (cool whip) and silkie (jojo)

ISA brown Sriracha

My two EEs - Mulan (Darker color) and Lil' Debbie (lighter one)


12 Years
Jul 16, 2007
Long Island NY
Very nice looking coop.

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