Some quail's feathers aren't returning

Discussion in 'Quail' started by MichelleKing, Mar 17, 2019.

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    Aug 25, 2018
    A little while ago, my quail got mites. I treated with Scalex right away, retreated twice to get the hatching mites, took apart the habitats, put in new flooring, shop vac'ed the whole area, and sprayed the newly cleaned cages down before returning the treated birds to the habitat.

    Some of my quail are just not growing back their feathers though. The ones that had feathers grow back took like 2 days for the feathers to start growing. There's a few that unfortunately just have like little quills coming out but no feathers. Is the structure of their skin so damaged that they just cannot grow their feathers back?

    I've been obsessively checking for mites on the daily, but I cannot find evidence of one single mite. I look at healthy birds too to make sure. The habitat is cleaned daily. Fresh food and water daily, plus probiotics and vitamins in the water. Clean new sand in their playboxes every 2 days.

    They ARE laying eggs for sure. I have 18 hens and I do get about 15-18 eggs a day.

    Can anyone think of anything? I'm out of ideas at this point.
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    Lysine & methionine helps plumage growth, you can easily supplement these two amino acids with some cooked or uncooked and ground up rice with split peas. (peas not beans if serving raw)
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