Some Questions about fighting/molting/laying


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8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
1. I haven't seen any fighting amongst my boys yet - but I have noticed that some of them have bald spots on their heads - is this a molting thing or a fighting thing?

2. Can I see some pictures of molting in various stages? I have a lot of feathers in there - but no one is looking particularly naked- they just don't look as full as normal, but not ugly and mangy. Haha!

3. We have lights on them all the time - have had lights on them all the time for 1.5wks. And even though they are just a tad over 8wks - only 2 of the 7 are laying. I know, I should be patient - but it's not my strongest virtue and it's driving me nuts. When do you decide that you flock isn't going to lay and just cull to save money? Am I being too hasty?
She has coturnix because two are laying. Give them time, don't cull yet. Sometimes they take a while. Your rooster has a bald neck because he is being mated by the dominant rooster...
Yep Cortunix- and yep Im that crazy gal that is super duper impatient! LOL!

As for the males mating each other - is this normal/ok? Or should we go ahead and cull the less dominant males at this point?

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