some with tails and some rumpless....


5 Years
Feb 21, 2014
Today my Grandchildren came in upset because one of the girls "don't got no tail" . So we all went out to see what had upset them so much .(Those little boogers are watching to see if I get more Chicks) .When we got there They showed is one from Murray hatchery it was a Araucana it was rumpless we started looking and several were rumpless while some had tails . But all has muffs .
I was thinking this is a good thing until one of the six grandkids decided They knew the answer the one with tails are boys and the rumpless ones are girls .
LOL Never would have figured this out if it wasn't for the 8 year olds.

Now is this a good thing?? Thanks
Hi ! they are 5 weeks old .and Yes some don't have a tail bone .I even had a older Farmer (77 years young)check.He said "I have never seen a chicken like that in all My born days".I told Him I ordered them and Murray Hatchery said They were Araucana Breed and They are to lay green or blue eggs. He laughed and said He would have to see this Chicken lay the egg before He would believe it was true. I even showed Him on Murray"s site . Still He swears no way it can lay a egg other then white or brown . My Grand mother is coming this weekend to see what "kind of thing it is". P.S. I love reading all Your post. Thanks

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