Some worming questions

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    Nov 30, 2011
    1. Does a poopy butt always mean worms?

    2. What do you use to worm laying hens?

    3. How often and what is the with drawl period?

    4. What would happen if we actually did eat the eggs after they had been wormed?

    **** vet put my girls on a 6 week pyrantal regimen, and it has a 4 week with drawl period. I am tossing a dozen eggs or more every 3 days. This is ridiculous. And some of the chickens still have dirty bottoms, so this may not even be doing the trick.
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    Nov 27, 2008
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    1. No
    2. Valbazen, Safeguard
    3. I worm every 3 months. Your environment determines how often you worm. It's recommended to redose a second time the tenth day after the initial worming. Then wait 14 days before you can eat the eggs, a total of 24 days withdrawal start to finish.
    4. You could possibly have an allergic reaction.
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    I have seen a healthy hen with a messy bottom. But I have also seen it in worms. Here is a nice link (doesn't mention worms for just diarrhea, but that can be the case- most certainly).

    http://www.apa-abayouthpoultryclub.... SYMPTOMS FOR DIAGNOSING POULTRY DISEASES.pdf

    Hi Dawg53! [​IMG]

    If your vet says it is worms then I'd go with that advice. These worming medications are poisons (quoting dawg53 from months ago).

    So, don't eat them! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Hopefully your flock will be back to normal soon!

    You might think about giving them something to normalize their intestinal flora- I believe buttermilk or yogurt??? might help them...hopefully dawg53 could recommend something if he sees this. It does take them time to get rid of that nasty diarrhea after having worms from my experience.
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    Oct 7, 2011
    I tried the scrambled eggs and garlic powder that someone wrote about here, or I read somewhere. My hens did not devour it as the guys said his did, but they did eat it.

    I felt kinda wrong about feeding them eggs, after all, it is there eggs. But when I went out today I had a broken egg, which was a first...and in another nest a cracked egg...again, a first. Seemed strange and makes we wonder if something was out there last night.

    But one of the hens was eating the broken egg...I know, that sounds really bad...but I then scrambled some with the garlic powder. A couple of the eggs that were not cracked had yolk all over them so I just cooked those.

    Is that wrong, feeding them their own eggs. I don't know which hen is laying which egg, but still, it is their eggs...just seems it?
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    Well that is what the chick "eats" when it is inside the shell. They have just finished absorbing the egg yolk when they hatch, which is why you can ship them for a couple of days with no food or water when they are new.

    Here I found a link describing the egg yolk:
    see day 19 listed near the middle under major events
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    Oct 7, 2011
    Thats a good link, I book marked it, thank you

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