Somebody please tell me if netting will hold up?


9 Years
Aug 26, 2010
I have a block wall that trampoline netting has been secured to just inside the block. All of this is supported with a wood structure and shade cloth. This is what has been built to keep hawks & bobcats out of the run.

The house comes next.

Do I have a hope?
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It would probably keep a hawk out but I don't think it would stop bobcats or coons for more than an instant if they want to get in..... Do you lock your birds up at night? That would help.

Thank you for your help.
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If you go to the forum FAQs section on the right of the topmost tool bar it has instructions on posting pictures. I still have a hard time remembering how to get them on since I don't post many pics so I won't pretend to be able to offer accurate instructions to you but you should be able to accomplish it with the help of this section. Looking forward to seeing your pics :)
I stand by my earlier (sight unseen) analysis- it should work for hawks but not for bobcats or coons, etc. It will provide nice shade for your birds and I must say your framing and construction looks really good :) If you could attach more of the welded wire you have on the lower part of the coop over top of the netting you should be good to go. Perhaps you could attach it to the top of the block wall by bending it outward and then screwing a treated 2x4 down over the top of it with masonry screws.
Thank you!

I have a neighbor that has 'inspired' me to raise my own chickens.

She had 3 roos and planned to give me one later. Last evening she told me bobcats had gotten two!

She thinks they were protecting the hens. Her daughter had failed to put them in for the night.

My structure pictured here is only for their daytime play. House will be built outside the run; the roost opening into the run.

I am in an area of the desert that has pretty much all our beautiful desert has to offer!!
Agree, hawks, yes; bobcat, still no. But it looks beautiful. Since you have nice framing, you could add fence panels to the side AND roof and handle the bobcat. Pick them up at a good ranch and farm store/lumber for about $16 a panel. They are 16' long and about 4-1/2' high. That's what I would do.

Just wire the panels (some will be trimmed) at appropriate points so you can easily remove them later if necessary.

Here is a link to types of wire - Horse Wire or Hog Panels (come with different size openings and pricing)...
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If they're locked up at night it will probably be okay then (not that there's ever a guarantee). I'm sure the roos were protecting the hens; I lost one of my roosters last year when he saved the girls from a stray dog. I never wanted a rooster before I accidentally wound up with him and I won't be without at least 1 rooster ever again. I think your birds will enjoy their lovely space and I'm sure you will enjoy your birds more than you even thought possible. Sitting under a tree watching the chickens quickly became a new pastime at my house :) Welcome to BYC!- there are always tons of knowledgeable folks (way more experienced than I) ready to help with any advice.

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