just make bad judgement calls..

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8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
and one of these days..mine is going to cost me something FIERCE....

there is just one thing I cannot resist temptation against and it will never be named..but what do you all
do when there is ONE thing in the world that tempts you and you always fail at resisting...but you are always around it..

you can do it for a while..but then after a while I'm like a shark and I keep circling it..and eventually I'll bite...

and no its not illegal etc lolol...

advice? tips? suggestions??
Try filling your mind with something else? Sometimes thinking "I am NOT going to do that! I REFUSE to do that!" doesn't are still preoccupied with whatever you are trying to avoid. Try filling in that vacuum that invites in temptation.... with something better, of course.
Ugh, I know the feeling. I am a cook and it's like I can never lay off the steak/cookies/pizza/cake/brownie mix. ITS JUST ALWAYS THERE.

Can't help ya, but I hope you figure it out
I cant really give advice unless i have an idea what it is..
Or.. how badly it will affect your life/marriage if you keep doing it...

Say its somethings like gambling.... or shopping to extremes. And its affecting your household expenses and bills getting paid...
then i'd say you need to REALLY take a step back and think about what its costing your whole family... how you are making things harder on them... how its selfish.. etc...

But if its something silly (and its not effecting your family..),, you have to eat chocolate every time you see it...... lol... well.... ya only live once.. go for it!!
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Yes; it has an impact on my family if I dont stop...

its not TERRIBLE but yes..impact nonetheless
As a recovering alcoholic, I can tell you that facing your issues head on and learning to et past them an cope with feelings of want on a 24/7 basis can change your life 100%. there is still a burden on you but it is outweighed by the happiness of the people around you caused by your lifestyle changes and better choices
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I cannot believe you are not going to confide in us.

You need to stop . You are asking publically for help, obviously. You know it will effect your family, if you dont stop. Without knowing what it is , you have no choice but to expect us to all say you need to quit and give it up .
its not something that can be given up..its in my face all the time..

I cannot tell only because I'm ashamed of it..

I'm sorry; I wont post about it again..was just needing an fault..
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