Someone clothe Arielle Contest ~~~>> Cinco De Mayo Hatch-A-Long Contest


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Apr 4, 2011
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Welcome to the clothing Arielle Contest
Poor BYC user Arielle has a Naked Avatar and needs our help!

Here are the rules: (Kind of goes against Cinco de mayo policies to have rules huh)

Cinco De Mayo participants are to submit your photo's or images below to enter. Each User can submit up to 3 images

You have until Saturday, April 20th at 10pm CST to submit your entries

Arielle will Select the winner by placing it in her avatar

Prize for Winner: New Brinsea Spot Check Thermometer

Prize for Arielle for being such a good sport and getting "nabbed" into doing this...TBD ;p
This is from Arielle. a little about herself
Oh what fun!!! To help you all along, and since Sally asked so kindly as usual, here is a little information. I'll tell you a bit about myself, for those that dont already know---- "Arielle" is NOT from the little sea creature, rather it is a ____________. I live on a farm in the wood, with rotties, stray cats, Dutch horses, woolysheep, and too many chickens, turkeys and the silly ducks. My 2 young boys keep me busy when they are not in school. I love art and take my boys to the Worester Art Museum a lot. ANd music: country and classical ( really!! ) I've been breeding horses and sheep for years and recently added the birds. THe birds have been far more interesting than I imagined, and DH thinks so too. I can unload a hay truck--I"ve forgotten how to dress to go out for the evening , lol. Knit sew, cook and bake. Try new things, and love old things. Occassionally write in rhyme like Dr Seuss from reading so many of his books to the boys. lol. ANd I live on BYC!! Does this paint a picture?? .
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Can we please have more information and LIKES for our lovely Arielle?

just a few basics likes is all please!

fav color hobbies etc

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