someone help me please

It isn't horribly bad but I would give her shot of 1/2 cc of tylan 50 mixed with 1 cc of penicillin under skin on breast. I would clean up her face real good put some terramycin eye ointment in eye if available. I even spray saline up their noses at times and it seems to help. You may not have to drain sinus but if it doesn' t go down on its own i take needle and go in by beak end on soft area of swollen up part and put needle in it is't real deep and then you feel it go pop into it and you pull on plunger of syringe and with draw then fluid from sinus usually about 2 1/2 cc then i undo needle off of syringe and use syringe with 1/2cc of penicillin and inject it into sinus. I sometimes have to hold pressure but I then give tylan 50 orally 1 cc for at least 5 days. I love to put tylan in drinking water at 3 cc of injectable tylan per gallon if I can separate the sick bird out.
Thank you for the information that you gave me ut i have called all my feed stores around here and they do not carry tylan 50 at all but i have been looking for something else that may help out but noone seams to know if there is anything else to use besides Tylan 50 but i have been giving them a antibiotic to help as well but i was told that it would not do any good so i have tryed VetRx as well and that does not seam to be helping either so i am looking for something else that would help as well any suggestions please and thank you .
I hope you found some tylan 50. I have learned not to use tylan injectable 200 because it is hard on poultry tissues when injected. I have used other antibiotics without not one of them working to get them well. The only antibiotic that I have found works 100% to get the turkeys well is tylan 50 mixed with penicillin. If I give one without the other it seems to get them better but not well. Then you have them go on and on sick. To cure them well is to add it to drinking water also. Valley vet or KV Vet supply ship everything straight to your house and is where I order from.
Sorry I didn't reply I was working alot and just didn't get back to computer. I came to check on things and saw all replies on this. I just have gotten to where I keep some on hand when needed. If you have some Amoxicillin pills antibiotics left over in cabinet from when you were sick I give them a capsule too. It will help with the sickness and could buy you some time to get the tylan. Anyways just a thought. Good luck. Let us know what you find out and decide to do.

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