Someone PLEASE HELP (bobwhite quail)

That Quail Lady

In the Brooder
Jul 8, 2016
I know that most disease work the same in all poultrty so anyone that can help please do so.The chicks feet are swollen black and were bleeding.

And the hen has one eye swollen shut and has blood and weird liquids oozing out of the back of her head. The whole head is twice its normal size it almost looks as if her head was set on fire.




How many chicks do you have and do any of the others show similar symptoms? It might have got stuck somewhere in the brooder.
The hen probably boinked into the top of her cage. Keep her alone in a warm place, in a cage with a soft top to allow her to heal.
Normal head trauma for quail. If she is with other birds could be over breading! Or another bird is trying to kill it. That is what aggressive quail will do. Or could have ripped its head on something. But that is usually a sign of aggressive pen mates.
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