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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Rasuka, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Rasuka

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    So I have a 9 month old Brahma that is not laying.
    I heard a friend say that if they don't grow waddles nor combs they have a hormone defect?
    My Brahma has a comb but it is not that noticeable and often my sister says "I'm concerned for her! LOOK AT HER SHE IS BALD! WHY IS SHE BALD?!"
    I kept telling her that the Brahma is fine, but now I am starting to worry...

    Does it take a Female Brahma 6+ months to start or try to lay her eggs?

  2. Happy Chooks

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    Brahma's are a slow maturing breed. They also have pea combs, so their combs do not appear as large as other breeds.

    Do you have a picture of her? Could she be molting?
  3. Arica

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    Jun 2, 2012
    Spokane Washington

    I agree brahmas are slowwww growers post pictures
  4. Rasuka

    Rasuka In the Brooder

    Okay Let me upload some pictures of her.
    these are the more recent pictures of her

  5. Happy Chooks

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    Jul 9, 2009
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    Alright, first off, she's not molting. Where did the bald comment come from? - she doesn't look bald at all, she's beautiful.

    As for the laying aspect, she's very close. Have you noticed her squatting?
  6. Rasuka

    Rasuka In the Brooder

    She has not squatted for me, not even once.
    The other chickens if I approach them quickly they will squat. If I approach them slowly they will 10.00% of the time squat for me.
    But the Brahma~ She is an interesting one. No matter if I walk, or run up to her. She won't squat. She just stands there and starts to pick at my feet until I turn to her and give her attention.
    If I don't walk, nor run to her, she comes to me seeking that attention.

    Ahh~ I knew she wasn't bald! I kept telling my sister that she was fine!
    There are no such things as bald styled combs! ^^ I should tell her that~

    Thanks for you reply~ ^^
    I guess there are no other signs of "almost laying" besides squatting?
  7. grammaC

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    Jan 8, 2011
    SE Minnesota
    I don't have a Brahma, but in my reading several books, it says that hens start to lay "around 6 months."
    Most of mine started between 5 and 6 months, but I still have one (at 29 weeks) who is laying soft eggs and often drops it under the roost.
    So I suppose, just like people, every one matures at her own speed :)
    Mine started to investigate the nest boxes a couple of weeks before I got the first egg. I did have the boxes seeded with golf balls to give them a hint.
    Nobody squatted until after they started laying.

  8. Rasuka

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    Ah I also have another question~
    I have four 8 month old Australorps.
    I was getting 4 eggs a day, or 3 eggs a day.
    For the past 2 week I have only been getting an egg from the Alpha Female.
    I was wondering if they were "molting"?
    I have read somewhere that not all molting means to "lose feathers."
    Is that also true?
    Here are some pictures of the Australorps![​IMG]
  9. Rasuka

    Rasuka In the Brooder

    Mine started to squat before they laid.
    At first I didn't know what I was, I thought it was cute though~
    I also own a White Cochin, she started to squat way before the Australorps, yet she was the last *excluding that Brahma* to lay.
    The Australorps started laying first~ ^^

  10. TurtlePowerTrav

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    Jul 29, 2012
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    They are probably laying less due to shortening daylight.They need 12-14hrs of daylight to keep up good egg production. They won't molt til around 18 months.

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