Something got most of my flock today


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Jul 2, 2011
Griffin, GA
We haven't had a problem in the 1+ year that we've had our hens, but today when my husband got home, 2 were dead and 1 is seriously injured (our of our 4 hens). It looks like either something nudged open the latch on the door to the boxes and got in the coop/run or someone in the family didn't latch it all the way. Regardless, something got in, broke a nesting box getting in or out, and killed 2. They have claw marks/gouges on their necks and backs, and the injured one is injured in the same places. We don't think it's our dogs b/c they don't move that well anymore, and I don't think they could get through the boxes. Does this sound like a raccoon or weasel?
Raccoons are very dexterous. That is so sad! I am very sorry for your loss. I hope that your remaining two survive. It will be a hard winter with only one or two hens.

My eight year old Lab got loose one afternoon, and ran all the way across the property to attack the hens. A few roughed up, and one demise. I was heartbroken. She was only being a dog. Ours are secure except in the afternoons when they get about an hour of range time. While we are home, and feeding everything else.

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