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Something is back again.

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by reveriereptile, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. reveriereptile

    reveriereptile Songster

    Mar 17, 2008
    Northern NY
    During spring I had 8 chickens killed within 3 days. There was a garage that the fenced hooked to the back of that we cut a hole in and had a ramp that leads up to it and build a coop inside to shut them in at night. We quit having any get killed. Last night I was shutting the birds in and realized one of the turkeys that is almost the size of a full grown turkey hen was missing. I got thinking and realized I didn't remember seeing it earlier when I let them out. Then I couldn't remember if I seen it in the night before either. One of the 2 younger turkeys we have usually stays off to the side since it is a male and our big male pushes him around and I haven't been over in the area it usually stays cause it has been rainy and slippery getting over there. Last night I took a flash light and looked all over and didn't find anything. We have 8 foot chain link fence around 3 sides and a 4 foot fence down one side. Sometimes the birds fly over the small fence and usually pace up and down it trying to get back over and I usually see them. I used a flash light and didn't see it. Today I got looking around and realized it was killed. Whatever it was must of ran it around for a while, jumped over the 4 foot fence without catching any feathers on it since there is barred wire on one side since the cows can go near it, and dragged it about 20 more feet. Only thing left besides some feathers were the intestines. I know we do have a family of foxes in the village. During the spring we weren't sure if it was them or a raccoon. We have had skunks around steal eggs before. I'm wondering if I should move the birds into the barn early but would hate to since it isn't to cold yet and they will be cooped up instead of having a ton of area and grass to eat through. 3 of our big turkeys stay outside and roost up on a 5 foot tall saw horse. Nothing touched any of the chickens so I don't know if it might of stayed outside with the other turkeys but was the smaller one so got picked off. Any clue of what it might be ? Should I move them now or just shut them in earlier? We do have a flood light that does come on outside the garage door but not where the birds go in. I might fix their door up better to make sure nothing big can break through it.

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