Something is killing my chickens - but what

Salt and Light

11 Years
May 20, 2008
Osteen, FL
Over the last month, I've lost almost all my chickens. This started when I brought in some baby chicks from an order I split with someone else.

I've lost 12 out of 13 baby chicks and I lost 8 out of 10 laying hens that I've had for almost a year.

Is there a disease that could cause this?
you will have to fill us in on the order of feeding , watering, and how they were cared for
what provisions for the heat of the chicks

did they have any signs of sneezing, snoting, coughing,

when did you worm them?
did they have any bloody manure ever?

basically chickens live, eat, drink and grow

if they have any other signs of sickness you have to deal with it

there is some reason for them dieing

what did they look like when dieing?

were they malnurished, did they not have adequet feed and water

are they free ranging?

did they get into some poisons

what do you feed them?

give us some help
how long before chicks started dieing?
did they live with the hens?

it must be a respiratory disease if it killed that many
the chicks were infected when they hatched
where did the chicks come from?

email me any questions
You said that is started when you split an order of baby chicks. It sounds like your new chicks brought something in. The person that you split the order with, how are their chicks doing? You might want to check out Purplechickens' post
is a LONG time chicken person and made the mistake of not quarantining a new bird. His whole flock got infected with MG and he had to cull them all. Very sad.
Check out his video, it might give you some answers.
Sorry about your loss.
I chicks were from McMurray. They were kept inside for ac couple days and then moved to the coop with the rest of the hens. They were moved too soon and I lost two the 1st night. But after that, everything was fine. And then one day about a week later, a bunch of dead chicks were in the coop. No signs of injury. A couple more chicks died a few days later.

Then the hens began dieing. Again, no sign of injury. Just dead. My dog chased two and they never recovered. I watched one die and the other one was alive when I put her in the coop but dead the next morning.

The chicks/chickens are cared for exactly like they have been for the past year. A hanging feeder of food and fresh water. They have a coop with a dog run attached and they free range in the evening.

At first, I thought our new dog was killing the chickens but she was inside all night and there was a dead chicken this morning in the coop. I've seen the dog chase the chickens but never seen her actually hurt one.

So, I don't know.....

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