Something is on my chick's beak?

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    I have an 11 week old crested polish chick that has something on her lower beak towards the back of her beak. I’ve looked inside her mouth and there is nothing growing inside her mouth. She is eating and drinking just fine. She does not look to be in any discomfort. She bunks with 3 other chicks (polish chick and 2 ameraucanas) and one older hen. The older hen (rhode island red) does not see well up close and I noticed a couple of weeks ago, she had fowl pox. She is all healed now. So I wonder if my polish chick also has fowl pox or is it a wart or tumor? I do not see any fighting among the chicks or older hen other than the usual pecking order stuff. The 4 chicks free range during the day. The older hen stays in a run due to her sight problem. The 4 chicks do have access to the run when they want to go in there.
    I hope someone can tell me what this thing is and if there is anything I can do for my little chick. I hope the pics help. Thanks!

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    I know you haven't gotten a reply on this, but I did a little research for you and I think it is probably the fowl pox or avian pox like your other hen had. If I were you, I would separate this bird completely. Completely wash all feeders and waterers and disinfect the living space for the uninfected birds you have. Mosquitoes are transmitters, so be sure you have no water standing around. If you do, there are ways to treat it safely to kill the larvae. Stable flies can also transmit, so try to keep it as clean as possible so as not to transmit. Now the hardest thing is the scabs from the other bird (if she still has some, I would separate her too), they can hold the virus for a VERY long time, even if the fall off, if one of the others comes into contact with it, or eats it. Hope this helps. Here is a really good site with a lot of info. you need to go ahead and vaccinate them.,1607,7-153-10370_12150_12220-26362--,00.html
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    I agree

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