Something out there likes to chew on rubber


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Austin Tx
I've been waking up to let the girls out and finding my DH flip flops chewed up and my grandson's foam baseball bat chewed. Do raccoons chew on things? We don't have a dog and our yard is totally fenced in.
Thanks Mahonri, I can't believe I didin't think of that.
So will they chew on big chickens? They can't get in my coop I don't think. I checked all around and can't see any where large enough to get in. My chickens free range all day. DH and I are trying to decide traps or putting some poison under the deck. That's where we think they are. The chickens cannot get under the deck. The deck is only 3" off the ground.
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That's a new one!
I've used all types of stuff as bait and lures but never tried a set with a flipflop dangling over a trap

But serously, it's amazing how small of a gap a rat or mouse can squeeze thru. Also look for signs of digging
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