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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Ryan2016, Feb 5, 2017.

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    Dec 20, 2015
    i have never had any problems since my chickens were able to go out for there first time. In september was there first time outside at there new home. Yesterday a hawk decided to have some lunch. At first i thought the hawk got two of them cause i found a dead one and did a head count to find 8 out of ten in the coop. the next morning i went outside to do a temporary fix to the run by putting up some chicken wire over head so no more hawks could get my girls. I heard a loud cry coming from our storage tent about ten feet away from the coop. I opened the front door to find one of the missing girls alive and walking with no blood and everything completely intact. she was crying shivering and scared. i coaxed her over to me and grabbed her. She didnt put up a fight and didnt peck me. i held her for about five minutes talking to her before i reunited her to her sisters. all 9 of them are doing fine today. this is the (***explitive***) hawk that had lunch on one of my chicken in a tree right above the coop (about 6 feet away)[​IMG]

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    So sorry for your loss. Unfortunately this is part of keeping our birds, the risk of losing them to a predator. The hawk was just doing what hawks do. It sounds like you have taken corrective measures to secure your birds and I hope that your remaining girls are able to bring you comfort moving forward.
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    So sorry for your loss [​IMG] As Ol Grey Mare has stated "it's Nature" but it still HURTS! Glad to hear you found #9 & securing your run. Here in Hawaii we don't have the predator problems like you all do but still we have them; mongoose, Hawaiian Hawks, rats, mice, feral cats/dogs as well pets that people let run the streets. In the past I've allowed my girls (4 - 5) grub my yard, they'd run to the patio for cover or under some brush. My present 5 stay in their enclosure, safer since we got a resident hawk & have had close calls in the past.

    Since my girls our more Pets with Benefits & I live in a residential area, came up with a Coop/Run that seems to be working out. Would love to let them grub our fenced yard but that hawk is FAST! It's been a year & the "guilt" I feel is compensated with treats. Again, sorry you lost one but I'm glad you found #9 [​IMG]

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