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    Aug 13, 2014
    Hi. So I hatch baby Silkies. I have one batch of 3 and they are only a couple months old. The one I noticed is acting strange. I think maybe stargazer or seizures. It rolls its head back but not just laying it on the back. At on point its head was like twisted back but upside down. And it shakes like crazy and its eyes water. And her wing flail out and then in and shakes. I caught a glimps of it doing it once before but I didn't think anything of it because when I looked again it stopped. Just now it was doing all of this while chirping really loud. I picked it up and ran it to my mom and she didn't know what was happening. It lasted around 5 minutes or longer. I'm now sitting on my bed with it on my lap and its relaxed as could be, sleeping. Please if anyone knows what this is or how to prevent it or help her please tell me! I tried to get a video but it stopped before I could. Please help. I'm very worried. I love these birds like crazy and I can't figure out how to help it! Please!

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