something the po told me about shipping chicks


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Dec 16, 2008
I understand that the adult bird boxes like horizon have filters in them and are approved for shipping live birds, but the boxes used for chicks is really no different than a regular box with holes in it. So I asked the woman at the post office today if I had to use the chick boxes I had been and she said no that it did not matter and I could make chick shipping boxes out of the priority mail ones the give away if I wanted.

Is this true? has anyone done this? I figured I could reinforse the box and add bedding and holes like the ones I got from the hatcheries and mark it the same.

I would only want to do this with chicks and quail seeing as they are small and would use the regular horizon boxes for juviniles and adults.
My friend ships chicks on occassion, and she was told by the post office ( something about a law, and shipping live chicks) she has to use there priority shipping boxes for live shipments. She is isn't sure if it's just that particular post office, or it is an actual law. She just sends them out the way her post office tells her to. I do remember her complaining those boxes are very expensive.

Maybe the US postal service mentions it on their web page.

Part of the reason chick shipping boxes are used is that they are designed so that air can circulate into the box. Examples; tapered sides Raised tabs on the top of the box. These are not free, but if you want your chicks to arrive at their destination alive, and not smothered, I dont think a $3.50 investment is that great.

BTW The last time I talked to George he was working on a small quanity chick, and quail shipping box.
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thanks Gary that makes sence. you know I dont mind paying for the boxes so much as the huge shipping fees sometimes on them. lol I was just curious more than anything. who do you recomend getting them from? I have found some places where the boxes are not expensive but the shipping is and others that the shipping is included but the price is really high. Maybe I am looking at the wrong sites.

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