Something took our turken:(

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7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
I posted a pic of the cute little turken my son got and when we went out to feed them it was missing and there were a bunch of it's feathers around the bottom of the fence:( The fencing to their run is a chain link dog kennel with chicken wire wrapped around over that and chicken wire over the top. It looks like something big forcefully pulled up the chicken wire and pulled it out of the fencing. The chicken wire goes a little below the chain link so that there is some overlap onto the ground and it is attached to the chain link with hog rings. I guess the spacing to attach it is not adequate enough. It is connected about every 8-10 inches and between two of the hog rings the bottom of the chicken wire is bent and pulled up about 3-4 inches off the ground so that something reached and grabbed it through the chain link. It was still small enough to pull through the chain link:( It had all it's feathers but was still super small, a lot smaller then our brahma's at that age so we think it was a bantam turken. My son asked where Beaker was since it didn't come running as soon as we opened the door and I just told him maybe he was hiding. I know I should tell him but I kind of don't want to and just want to see if the guy we got it from has another one. He has aspergers and the little chick has become one of his obsessions he gets, and he can't handle any change very well. He wanted to go out and look for it again a little while ago but I managed to distract him. Ugh, I don't know what to do and how to explain what happened without him having a meltdown and freaking out. Definitely need to get hardware cloth or something and bury it around the bottom I guess.

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