Something wrong with my chick?


Nov 17, 2020
Hello! I had posted a thread about 4-5 days ago asking about one of my silkie chicks. I have 3 and they are 3 weeks old today. I have one that is different than the other 2. Two of them are white, growing rapidly, and are now sprouting head and back feathers. They have their wing feathers and just seem very healthy in general. They eat and drink well. However, I have a little one. It is gray for the most part and seems to be a runt. It is SO tiny but eats and drink just as well as the others. In fact it is the first one to go after treats when I go in there and drinks when I put fresh water in! This one is particularly cuddly and falls asleep in my hands when I hold it. This chick does have wings, but does not have any sign of head and back feathers like the others. Of course there’s the fuzz that all chicks have, but no sign of actual feathers if that makes sense. I’m hoping there is nothing to worry about but please let me know! Also! I don’t know if this helps at all, but the small one is the only one that hatched itself out. The other two had to be assisted. Thank you’
One of my ameracaunas was tiny, just half the size of her siblings but she was just as hungry and active as any of them. She's now 9 months old, just a little smaller than her sisters, and lays beautiful light green, slightly smaller eggs than theirs.

Your little nugget might not catch up in size completely but it'll probably get close.

She's different; enjoy it.

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