Something you wish had been invented in chicken keeping.

Rivendell Chick

Apr 13, 2020
Northeast Georgia, USA
Will be curious to see how it works out in winter.
What does it look like inside the coop?
Also curious. Considered a full drawer, it opted not to given the large footprint (4x8). I live in a hot and humid place and imagined the wood swelling, getting misaligned, etc. and turning into a smelly mess.

We have a skinny door that hinges open on the front and a large removable panel on the back and a linoleum floor. Easy to push a long broom front to back or a hoe/rake from the back when it's time to change it.
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Feb 11, 2020
We all have something we wish was invented to make chicken keeping better, and I was wondering what yours were. I have to clean the shavings in my coop with a broom and a tub, sweeping out all the shavings. I then have to scrub the floor on my hands and knees, all because my family won't let me get a pitchfork! What are yours, I'm interested to find out!
Not fair! I love my pitch fork. Maybe for your birthday?


Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
Thank you for putting up he info on prices for pitchforks. I almost spilled my coffee when she/he quoated $100 for one. Some one is selling her/him a load of bull.
You *can* pay that much for very fancy models that look like a cat litter scoop mated with an old-fashioned cherry picker basket. I guess they're for cleaning horse stalls?

Someone in that store was trying to put one over on a newbie. 😡
Apr 10, 2019
My favorite tool for cleaning out my coop is my hoe. I get to stand outside the coop (but I still wear my mask!) and pull all of the pine shavings and poop into a giant plastic tub that I set on my stairs in the coop doorway. I’d like to say it takes me 10 minutes to clean my coop, but it’s probably more like 6-8. It keeps the coop nice and clean, and my lungs a lot cleaner, too! And my shoes, too! I’m a gardener, so a hoe was the natural solution, after I spent a whole year sweating inside the coop to clean it. It smells a lot better outside, and the air is a lot cleaner and safer. 🐣


Mar 26, 2018
Well, a even if you used a pitchfork you'd still probably have to use the broom.
You mean they won't buy it for you? Buy it yourself.
No need to 'scrub' anything.


Ditto Dat x100!
Really recommend against that. Is your coop wood? DRY is key for a coop, not to get it surface clean according to human standards.

Ask for the pitchfork instead. :)
We use a power washer, and it is great! Our climate here in No. California is quite dry, our coop is well-ventilated, and we wash on sunny days. The wood dries out in no time. Every situation is different. We recently used it to clean the deck and rid the exterior of the house of cobwebs.

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