Sometimes ducks are as confused as humans....


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
Snohomish County, WA

This is Ciscoe (Drake in pool) and Mildred (one of "Ciscoe's girls"- all of the girls are Ciscoes, they follow him around exclusively - to the chagrin of the other two drakes). They have been standing on opposite sides of the pool wall for over a half and hour now, bobbing their heads frantically at one another. Then they changed places....she in the pool, he outside. Eventually, they both gave up and went off to preen and eat some feed. Just goes to show, even ducks have trouble communicating!
Thats too funny...

My little mallard hen does that. She's been desparate wanting to go surfing (get surfed) and will do that head-bob dance if I enter her space...its like she's trying to say something...and I can raise my hand up and down and she mimics that like it were some form of conversation... I'm pretty sure when the drake & hen do that they're planning a nite out..

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