Soo mad at myself new chciken has lice and maybe scakey leg mites.

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    May 30, 2010
    Okay so about 12 weeks ago I ago I got a hen from my cousins farm to raise a lonley baby chick [​IMG] that hatched without any of the other eggs hatching. All was good until a realized she had lice [​IMG] and to make it worst the next time I went back... it turnes out that some of her chickens have scaley leg mites [​IMG] So my question is what can I treat the lice with, and a baby chick is around and I wouldn't want her to get sick, from the stuff to kill the lice with. Also should I treat them all for scaley leg mites even though they might not have them, just to be safe [​IMG] I'm a total newbie so sorry if any of my questions sound stupid. I've learned a big lesson the hard way [​IMG] so next time I'm going to be wayy more carefull about what chickens I add to my flock [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    it's not just good advise, but it really is GREAT advise to quarantine any new birds. you can scrub the moma bird's feet with alcohol and cover with Vaseline but it is messy and could get on the chick. i have been reading that some people find Nu Stock to be very affective on the legs. or a mix of 1 part ivermectin to 2 parts water and scrub the feet every couple of days. i think the ivermectin was either the cattle or goat one. you can also use the ivermectin as a dewormer but you will need to toss any eggs for 2-4 weeks. and it really isn't approved for use on egg laying chickens, but should help with most, if not all parasites.
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    Your going to have to treat them both and the coop also. Get poultry dust and put it into an old sock and pat the chick and hen all over especially around vent and under wings. Careful not to get it in their eyes, you can also use Ivermectin pour on. But with just to chickens probably the dust would be cheaper. Then to the coop either dust floor to ceiling or get sevin spray and follow directions on the bottle. You'll have to let the coop dry before putting the birds back in. Most people on here use a few different things for scaley leg mites, Petroleum jelly works well also olive oil just be sure to spread it all over their legs up to feathers. Hope this is some help to ya and your chickens get over this soon. Be sure to treat a quickly as possible mites are life threatening.
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    Thank-you Miss Lydia and Chickie'sMoma for your help [​IMG]. I will try to treat everything as fast as possible.
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    Sorry was too late but they gave great advice. Always quarantine, it wont hurt to keep them separate for a little while. On the other hand you could lose birds if they all get a disease from the non quarantined birds.

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