Sooo Sad


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
My chicks were suppose to ship today....I was gone during the day and when I got home I had a message and e-mail from the hatchery.....They apparently had a hatching problem!!! And won't have cochin Bantams for me but will replace them with more silkies or frizzles....I called as soon as I got the messages to tell them they could make the substitution....They are only open til 1pm this time of I had to leave a message!!!
Now I suppose if they ship tomorrow they may not get here until Thursday and that is our first day of school!!! (I work at school) and have to be there at 7:45.....Don't know how this going to work:barnie:tongue
Sorry about the problem--just make sure you really want the substitute...if not wait for next hatch of the breed you want...I know it's hard..but if you need to wait...your chicks should be fine as long as they do not put them out in full sunshine. Hopefully post office will keep until u get home..I would call Post office and ask...

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