SOOOOOO HUNGRY!!!!! This is just STRANGE!!!


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Mar 6, 2008
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I have been sick for the past several days....fever, chills, severe congested cough, sore throat, etc. Assumed it was viral and would go away so I have been pretty much living on robitussin and motrin. Anyway, had to take my kid to the doctor today and made it a two for one special and got me on antibiotics (I have decided it MAY be bacterial after all). Now here is the strange part........I am starving now. I mean like so hungry my stomach is hurting. I ate some popcorn, had two cups of coffee and a big glass of water and I still feel like I am about to starve to death! It is almost 1AM and my rear does NOT need middle of the night calories! Could this be some strange side effect of the antibiotics? I read the possible side effects and it sure didn't list "will eat like a horse".
Hm.. thats odd. Ive never heard of antibiotics doing that. Maybe have a small bowl of cereal. Thats what I do when i get the late night munchies.. lol. & Hope you feel better !!
Heck, that's weird. Steroids will make you eat your hands off LOL!! A lot of times the MD gives a shot for congestion and it contains steroids so I don't know about this one.
Wait a minute-- have you really been "living on robitussin and motrin" for the past couple of days? If so, I think I can figure out why you feel like you're starving-- it's because you are. Have a decent meal, for god's sake. Your body needs food to get better and, you know, to keep on living.
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Yeah, I have had steroid shots before and know what you mean.....but not this time. It is very odd!!! I was thinking maybe because I haven't really eaten if several days and I am feeling better......but I should still feel satisfied after a snack.

LOL I almost put the popcorn smiley in my OP.

Yeah, cereal might do the trick.....actually, some oatmeal sound good.

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