sore foot


8 Years
Sep 2, 2011
hi everyone.
im new here but desperately need help with my newest hen.
i have a chickenrun with 8 hens and nearly 2weeks ago we went to a fair where there was hen for hen was badly lame,leg just hanging but no swelling. the boy gave her to me as she was being badly pecked by the others.
after about 3 days she was fit to put the leg down a bit,we had a vet check the leg and he said it wasnt broken,but since then there has been no big improvement on the leg.she is a bit soft and pale in the stools and doesnt seem to eat much but these past few days her tail feathers have dropped and she seems depressed.she also seems to have lost a lot of weight.
i been keeping her in a seperate cage next to the run but just wondering if she would be better in with the other hens-sore leg and all.

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