Sores below wing and bleeding tips


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Jul 16, 2016
We herd a loud squaking tonight. We went outside to see one of our white rocks laying below the coop ladder and not moving. We found sores in the bottom of here wing tips that looked angry purple, she has also lost many feathers from the same area. We cleaned he wounds in a Epsom salt bath and put antiseptic ointment on the purple masses. We also wrapped her wings to her body with a ace bandage and put her in the hospital crate with water. Pics to follow if we can get the upload to work.
Sounds to me like she could have hurt herself either trying to get onto a perch or being bullied by another chicken and falling off of a perch. I know that chickens can be pretty tough on each other at night if they all want the favorite spot to sleep and this can lead to injury or damage to the wings. A picture would certainly help, but for now, rest, good food, plenty of water, and preventing infection are the best things that can be done.

If it looks like bite wounds instead of peck marks, watch even closer for signs of infection. Cat and coon bites can lead to deadly sepsis in just one or two days.

I hope she gets better soon. Best of luck!

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